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After purchase of this tool, if you need to have your custom ring from Maggi Designs resized, your first resize will be free of charge. If you do not use this option, I can always resize your ring for a $30 resizing fee anytime.

This wide band ring sizer tool will help give you more assurance as to the size needed when ordering a ring from this shop. It takes wider bands into account, as you need to have your finger sized for a ‘standard fit’ wide band when ordering from this shop. This tool will do that. It typically will provide you with the exact size you need. If the size is off at all, it is usually only off 1/4 of a size, making resizing much more simple.

Please note, if you are ordering any ring 12mm wide or wider, automatically add 1/4 size to the best size the sizing tool yields. Wider rings need to be a little larger in size the wider they get.

International Orders:

This sizing tool, is very helpful if you are purchasing internationally. Since, most local jewelers do not always know the US sizing as well.

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Frequently asked questions:

How do I order with this tool, and when will the sizing tool ship?

When you are ready to proceed with your ring order, simply purchase the ring(s) of your choice, and leave in the “note to seller” at purchase, “size pending”. This will get the 8-10 week wait time for your ring(s) started. Then purchase this sizing tool separately. I will ship this sizing tool within 3-5 business days, giving you plenty of time to receive the tool, size your finger, and report your size back to me. Your ring will then ship when it is finished.

The sizing tool in the photo does not look as wide as the ring I am ordering. Will this still work for my wider band?

As you see in the photo, the sizing tool looks like each ring is only 6mm wide. This tool is going to measure you for any wide band ring from this shop, even those wide 14mm bands. This is because, the wide-shank tool takes wider bands into account, making sizing for wide band rings easier and more accurate.

How do I use the sizing tool to determine the best size needed?

I can do 1/8, 1/4 and 1/2 size increments to get an exact fit for you. The sizing tool uses 1/2 size increments only. When you see the numbers on the tool, as shown in the photos, it will have for example: 9, -9, 10, -10, 11, -11 etc. The 9 would be a size 9, whereas the -9 indicates a size 9 1/2. Therefore, if you need a size between 9 and -9, you would want to order accordingly:

9 (if 9 feels perfect)
9 1/8 (if closer to 9 feels best, but 9 is just a bit too snug)
9 1/4 (if directly between 9 and -9 feels best)
9 3/8 (if closer to 9 1/2 feels best, but -9 feels just a bit too loose)
9 1/2 (if -9 feels perfect)

How should it feel on my finger, so I know I am getting the correct size?

The ring should go over the knuckle without too much force, twist freely on your finger without catching the skin much, have a little space so air can get through to allow your skin to breathe, and yet not come off if you shake your hand; you do not want it falling off. If you close your fist, you want the ring to not be uncomfortable. If it is, it is too snug, and could cause skin irritations as a result of being to snug.

I look forward to getting this ring perfect for you!

19 reviews for Wide Band & Standard Fit Ring Sizer Tool

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  4. boomhouser55

    great just as described fast service

  5. gomezazo

    Quality material and fabrication. Definitely a tool that will get some use. Arrived on time, very pleased.

  6. Nikki Cowden

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  8. brielouise

    I'm very happy with my purchase. Thank you so much!

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  11. Theodora

    Great transaction, super fast shipping !! Just what I was looking for.

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  15. HortonKirby1

    Wow…and Wow! Working with Gabrielle was an absolute delight! Not only is her work impeccably crafted, but, she is a class act, so incredibly personable, professional, and wonderful to work with. Gabrielle is an excellent communicator as well. She does exactly what she says she will do, and then some. She went above and beyond any expectations we had…way above and beyond. She communicated with us every step of the way. Gabrielle corresponded with us throughout the entire process, sending progress photos (which were so beautiful) and regular updates. The way she conducts her business is every bit as impeccable as her ability to create the most stunning work!! We love, love, love our wedding rings. Five stars are not enough to express the level of customer service and excellent craftsmanship she delivers!! Wow!!

  16. A T Smith

    Really can’t say enough Good about this person. She is excellent at communicating and full of experienced suggestions. I am buying my wedding band from her and would trust her completely with Anything else. Thank you.

  17. Kat Duck

    This is exactly what I needed to determine my ring size. It's well made, accurate and arrived very quickly. Thanks so much.

  18. evanhyning

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    Gabrielle is amazing!! The time she puts into her business and helping her customers is top notch!! Can’t wait to get my fiancé’s ring

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